Watts taught me that it’s all about discipline and responsibility

The reason I left my previous job to work at the SEI was the chance to work with Watts Humphrey. Watts literally wrote the book on personal process and discipline.

Take responsibility and ownership of your work. Approach your work with a goal, a plan, the discipline to follow your plan, the awareness to change that plan when necessary, and potential becomes almost unlimited. This is not a magic pill. to unlock potential..  Mastery and expert performance take a lot of hard work.  Watts describes how to accomplish this in his books.  Those of us lucky enough to work with Watts see him lead by example.

The only way I know of to pay Watts back for these lessons is follow his example and teach others what I’ve learned.


About Bill Nichols

PhD in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University I'm a software team coach and instructor with the TSP Team at the Software Engineering Institute
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